Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 1

July 4, 2014

Vernon to Kamloops

After a tearful farewell I left the house at about 8:35 Am and met Francois at Butcher Boys. We rode just past Falkland before our first rest and my knee felt pretty good. We continued onto Westwold where we had a most delicious burger and fries. We were already at the half way point for the day and considering I sprained my knee 3 days ago things were going well. We rode to the BarnhartVale Road turnoff and took that road for the remainder of the distance to Kamloops. Unfortunately, perhaps because of over confidence or lack of thinking, I stretched while riding and my knee went out. No damage but it felt odd and it was a good reminder to take it easy. We have arrived at our motel and I am icing my knee whilst Francois is doing his computer stuff. We will leave for supper soon and then get an early night. Had a delicious beef stew in a sour dough bread bowl at Carlos O'Briens. Afterwards we went to pick up some supplies for tomorrow. Peanuts, beef jerky, bananas and apples for me. Also, chocolate milk for tomorrow morning. The room we are in tonight has a slight hint of cigarette smoke which seemed to be coming from the air conditioner so we turned that off. It has one wall with pecan colored wood wall board and the other walls are a 1970's style stucco finish painted white. The wall has a flat screen TV hanging just slightly crooked. I tried to adjust it but was afraid that if I did it might fall off later and then I'm at fault so it hangs crooked. At least the sheets are clean and it was about $50.00 each so that's not too bad. Also it is located next to Denny's and we will be having breakfast in the morning. I have ice on my knee right now and it feels okay. I need to minimize any walking as the walk to supper did not feel great. I just spoke with Mom and Dad and they mentioned that the girls had been over this afternoon.


  • Sassalass: Great shots, I like to see the life off of the bike - posted almost 6 years ago
  • Old Man Jenkins: The puns are sooooo good. :) Seems like you guys are having a great time. - posted almost 6 years ago
  • Captain Nicholls: I'm going to be a little slower than TRD on posting and commenting. He so fas! - posted almost 6 years ago
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Bacon cheeseburger co-selfie
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Our luxurious room in Kamloops.