Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 10

July 13, 2014

Rest Day-Tonasket to Rebublic

Early start to avoid some of the heat. Said goodbyes again to my family and Trevor did the same with Linda. We left the motel at 7:10. We decided yesterday that we would do half the ride today and half tomorrow and make this Francois' and my rest day. This will give us a chance to catch up on some missed rest from yesterday and give Trevor's legs a chance to wake up. The climb started right of the bat and we stopped for a pit stop at Wauconda. Neat little place with a very friendly bar maid that helped us secure accommodations in Republic. Francois had almost delicious looking caramel roll. Another small pull and then we descended to Republic. We found our hotel easily but the room was not ready so we went for lunch at Madonna's bar and grill (not that Madonna). Lunch was grea,t which made up for my lousy supper last night. Back to the Prospector Inn. Our room is huge and clean and everything that last nights room was not. The others have showered and watched a bit of the world cup. Actually, it was the last game in the "thingy" and one of the two teams won :) Not sure which. Francois, Jim, and Trevor are all asleep right now. It's 3:05 PM.


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