Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 13

July 16, 2014


Contie breakfast that didn't suck! Make your own waffles?! Awesome! On the road by 7:20. We made good time today today and the scenery changes were nice. Green marshes covered with lily pads and old cabins falling down. I saw a fox today as well as some deer. We had an amazing lunch at a highway deli shop. Mass amounts of meat and cheese on chewy sour dough bread. Friendly locals talking about fishing and possibly buying or selling an old Chevy that's sitting in someones yard. We continued on.Trevor broke a spoke but his wheel didn't go too much out of true so he was able to ride on. We stopped at another hwy junction and had snacks and were informed that there is a bike shop in Libby and gave us instructions to get there. Bryce at the only bike shop in Libby was able to fix Trevor's bike up with one of Jim's extra spokes and only charged him $20. He also changed a tube that he noticed had some road wire in it. Too nice. Francois had already secured us a pretty nice room at the sandman Motel so we cleaned u and went for supper. Lasagna was good but I had to send it back because it was not hot enough. Tasted great though. Trevor was busting my balls about that :) Everyone talked with loved ones at the same time and now we're all doing this. Time runs short quickly.


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