Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 25

July 28, 2014


. Conti breakfast. I went back to the room and found my back tire flat. Quick change and we were on the road by 9. Late start for a big day ahead. Francois directed us through a labyrinth of back roads that bypassed Bismarck and we found Hwy 10. By noon we had ridden 60 km and we had lunch at a diner in Driscoll. We ordered cheeseburger deluxe's, the lettuce, onion and tomato came after the burger on a side plate. Odd. We continued onto Steele and found that our Hwy 10 runs out of pavement so we bought some snacks and took to the 94. Quite a variety of rumble strips on the shoulder which gave us an extra challenge riding the last 100 km. The number of "flat" animals on the road and shoulder is quite astonishing. Coyote, raccoon, skunk, and many birds of various sizes. It appears that no one cleans up road kill here, they just wait for them to return to the earth. We arrived in Jamestown, great name, around 5:45 and found our motel. Nice place with a pool and decent wifi, which is not common. had great food in the restaurant and then walked to the grocery store for supplies. Back to the motel for family facetime, journal and bed.


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  North Dakota offers a wide variety of rumble strips

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  • 6:47:44
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Today's Photos

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Mailbox rest stop
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We came to the end of the road in Steele.
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We came to the end of the road in Steele.
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This wind mill wing passed us on I94
14589242479 ba4fb1e0fa m
This wind mill wing passed us on I94
14589243459 aab624e251 m
This wind mill wing passed us on I94
14777684741 5bce7f61b8 m
Nice billboards in ND
14775941625 3c2370a342 m
Ended the day in Jamestown