Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 34

August 6, 2014


I'm up at 5, Bolze gets up at 6 and we take in the contie. They had Special K which is one of my all time faves so I had 2 bowls. We hit the road at 7:30 and we ride on the 30 for about 95 km. More corn today and what I thought were potato fields were actually soy fields. Soy and corn are definitely the crops of choice here. We tried a couple side roads but they all have their own issues. No shoulder, crumbling shoulder, crumbling roads, pot holes, gravel sections, the list goes on. In Aurora we have a Subway lunch and decide to look for a bike trail. In Plainsville we crossed historic Route 66. Then we turned off it about 300 meters later :/ We got lucky and found a wonderful trail that took us almost all the way to Joliet. As we pulled into Joliet, my back brake cable snapped so we found the nearest bike shop. Cool store, nice guys. Sumbaum Cycle has been in operation since 1894 and they fixed my cable and also advised us NOT to stay in downtown Joliet. Risk factor "too high" so we take a nearby room at the Budget Inn Express. If the quality of this room is better than the motels we would have found downtown, I'm really glad we didn't go downtown. This is the first place we have stayed that I question the cleanliness of the room. I had a shower but I still feel a bit dirty, just from being in the room. We are trying to avoid Chicago as neither of us are particularly fond of city riding. Looking forward to breaking free of it's suburbs tomorrow. Upon further inspection of the room I have decided not to sleep under the covers and I have opted for my cool weather clothes instead. I think we have agreed that saving $5 each on this room as opposed to the other motel may not have been our best decision yet :/


  • Frank Holdem: Lol, thx for the awesome motel photos. Had a good laugh. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: James, you are looking more thin than fargo. Eat something ! - posted over 5 years ago
  • Sassalass: Why didn't you ask Norman what was on the ceiling...or at least ask his mom. - posted over 5 years ago
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  Short day bypassing the windy city

  • 147.8km
  • 6:17:33
    Moving Time
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Today's Photos

14824221776 4b8951ee1c m
Bolze in the soy
14662200659 dcf9676023 m
Bolze in the corn again
14847194335 921181cae2 m
So close ;)
14660513850 7e6e0824f6 m
Awesome bike path near Aurora IL. It took us for about 15 kms through the city.
14867082373 fb0bca6f67 m
Awesome bike path near Aurora IL. It took us for about 15 kms through the city.
14848814505 58e00d8019 m
Me on awesome bike path II
14844767014 6162c70208 m
When we crossed Route 66
14660688527 43b7ed8db3 m
When we crossed Route 66
14867983443 2b15c761f4 m
Sum Baum Cycle
14867101893 bcb34ebd7c m
Got my bike fixed here in Joliet
14846382294 cf3f7fa038 m
This room is gross.
14662049668 955fed26bc m
I've decided to sleep in my warm weather gear do I don't have to use the sheets or blanket in the motel tonight. It's that bad.
14868568713 aa1da73e54 m
Our fridge door. You can't see the scunge on the magnetic strip. Probably better that way.
14848363092 32aa6a9bed m
The microwave is screwed to the fridge. Probably to prevent theft but it makes it really hard to clean under it... Yummy.
14845639811 d385be59c2 m
Two cigarette holes in my sheets in our "non-smoking" room.
14662092869 a396cfd2f5 m
I'm not sure what this is but it's all over ceiling.
14846274144 31d15f6de9 m
Pretty sure this is not up to code.
14662214268 ce02f1cb29 m
How to sleep in a cheap motel.
14845758941 dbc80ae404 m
How to sleep in a cheap motel.
14662263238 cdeee3ee35 m
This is how Bolze sleeps in a cheap motel.
14662231309 95a8d04c44 m
This trim just fell off the wall. It just gets better and better.