Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 35

August 7, 2014

Joliet-Plymouth IN

Up at 6 and sure enough the contie was everything I expected. Coffee, juice and donuts. I filled my water bottle with the juice, had 2 mini donuts and one of the bananas I bought last night. We rode the Old Plank Road Trail for about 35 kms. It took us through some of the suburbs around Chicago and following it we eventually crossed over into Indiana. we continues to follow the routes given to me by Google Maps until Valparaiso when we jumped onto the 30 which brought us to Plymouth IN. One big difference we noticed in Indiana is that they have taken the extra effort to provide a shoulder to ride on. The only problem with it today was that is was freshly oiled and graveled. We ate at Subway for breakfast and MCD's for lunch so when it came to supper we needed something that came on a plate. Christo's is a great restaurant located right across from our motel. I had "AYCE" ribs which came with mashed potatoes, turkey barley soup, and chocolate ice cream for dessert. When we paid, I could not leave without taking a piece of chocolate cream pie to go. It was all delicious and the service was outstanding. I gave the owner the web address when he showed interest in the ride. So far, Plymouth is looking good, as our room is clean, it comes with a contie and there are no drug deals being done in the parking lot/lobby.


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  Losing an hour and a ride in the saddle

  • 176.8km
  • 8:09:47
    Moving Time
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Today's Photos

14669039050 f7361edf9e m
The trail systems in and around Chicago are impressive
14853263544 94acba5165 m
The trail systems in and around Chicago are impressive
14853276224 066fec7f4f m
The trail systems in and around Chicago are impressive
14875638513 2f28ea7156 m
We crossed the state line on an old rail bed trail so this will have to do.
14669147458 0fed65e851 m
We think this was the first dipped cone the girl had ever made :/
14832783596 a9765153e7 m
Road side rest stop
14853310314 36124d1f48 m
My tires looked like chocolate dipped donuts with sprinkles when we got off this road.
14855779335 3e0c88148b m
Two cool guys
14832811426 304b9f44b8 m
Rest time
14832795246 d03740def6 m
Thin tree.
14852728671 2493da666d m
Thin tree.
14853354014 9da9dba714 m
All You Can Eat Ribs :)