Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 36

August 8, 2014

Plymouth-Van Wert

Woke at 6 and went for the contie. Fresh waffles :) We rode the 30 for the first 95 km. We stopped for lunch at....Subway near Columbia City. We found a great bike path that took us through Fort Wayne and spit us out near New Haven (second New Haven of this trip) and we got back on the 30. Highway 30 is a good road. It is busy but it has a very nice shoulder with few obstacles. For some reason though, about 15 kms from the Ohio state line, the shoulder was "treated" with oil and fresh gravel. In some places the gravel had been "worn" in and was not bad to ride on. In other places it was 4 inches thick and looked like the person applying it might have owned shares in the gravel company. As we crossed the Ohio/Indiana line the gravel stopped and we had a nice shoulder once again. There was a tremendous headwind today for the entire ride and Bolze and I switched off leading. Riding though Fort Wayne was a real pleasure as it not only took us on an excellent bike path with wooden boardwalks, but also down their main street which is residential and almost entirely lined with the "hundred house" style houses that we have in Vernon. 3 flats today. 2 for me and 1 for Bolze. I had one on the front and one on the back. Bolze's was a front flat. Movies that never seem to cease being on TV regardless of where we are. Jaws and Titanic. We are looking forward to Shawshank Redemption tonight. Bolze and I were both feeling the effects of riding today. His hands and knees are sore and my knees are starting to speak to me. I think it is probably normal considering what we are doing. Mornings are tough but as we're riding the diesel starts to warm up and we look forward to making it to the next town. It feels a little crazy, but I know I will never do this many kms in such a short time and there is a bit of a rush that I get from that.


  • Frank Holdem: guys, don't forget to take a day off once in a while to smell the roses and to recharge the batteries/heal the knees, etc. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: the Hemingway quote is fantastic! - posted over 5 years ago
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14676779687 ff22e82260 m
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A wonderful morning shoulder
14861178294 706c2a01ac m
My two flats of the day :)
14862993462 1f98ee7939 m
Diesel's first flat in a while.
Bike path through Fort Wayne
14883223893 cf32d67e1b m
Bike path through Fort Wayne
14676846217 7edf9ce3ce m
Pineapple mango smoothie
14676831977 610b35b206 m
I think Bolze actually believes the DQ smoothie is healthy :/
14863380945 115c484418 m
Freshly graveled shoulder. Not sure why ?
14863388195 9827d379e6 m
Diesel and the wind turbines
14676873207 6654d85ca2 m
State lines.
14860336901 a59b6b88b1 m
State lines.
14861180244 1b5092bcc3 m
My two flats of the day :)
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We're on this for a while.
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Two guys enjoying fruit smoothies.
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This came by way of family. I love it.
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The swimming pool is not quite up to snuff.
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Our amazing Mexican meal