Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 40

August 12, 2014

Rest day in Franklin PA

Waking today we found that both the forecast and the skies called for rain. We went for the contie (excellent) and then came back to the room. Bolze went back to sleep. Rest days seem so strange. It might seem odd to ride 160 km everyday for weeks but when you take a day off it feels like you should be doing something. We decide to seek out the bike shop as my brakes could use some work and I needed some extra tubes. Bolze also needed a few adjustments on his bike. It was about 2 km each way. The guy at the shop, can't think of his name, was very nice and did work to both bikes no charge. I bought some tubes and a phone holder for my navigation needs. We rode back to the motel and then went to see Franklin. We happened upon a music/self playing piano shop/museum which was incredible. Everything from Edison's was tube recording to 70's jukeboxes. A lot of the pianos, juke boxes and what not were in working order and only cost $0.25 per play. We had some fun there. Next we went across the street for a coffee. My first since Fargo. We walked to the Auction house/ Museum ( I know I'm using too many slashes but there seems to be a call for them today). A huge building with endless things of every variety. We continued walking and came to a civil war monument which is being restored. We found a grocery store where we had a slice of pizza for lunch and bought supplies for tomorrow. It was not the rain we expected in Franklin and at times I have felt odd just sitting around but that's not to say it wasn't raining where we might have been. It might still rain here and we were due for a day of rest. That being said, we are going to ride tomorrow regardless of the weather so I am hoping that we have missed some of the rain if not the majority of it.


  • Frank Holdem: Love the museum pics and the courthouse looks beautiful. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Sassalass: JC doesn't think your funny. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Captain Nicholls: JC wanted bottomless pop - posted over 5 years ago
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  Bike shop and back ;)

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Today's Photos

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A day at the museum.
14875659326 2cc87718b3 m
The guards at the museum
14712009248 74904e4007 m
Main Street Franklin. The building in the distance is the courthouse.
14711978849 2fe8256e33 m
This building is a museum/auction house with an amazing amount of inventory.
14712027278 8dfc3035cb m
The guard.
14712054068 1dd4481b18 m
Stained glass Franklin.
14898659925 8a5a81eb99 m
"You want separate bills"?
14712004040 a2a8898cee m
Lots of bikes, not many rideable.
14875700636 6e11be8ca9 m
Check the two movies featured in the window.
14875711086 9f129568b1 m
Franklin courthouse.