Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 41

August 13, 2014


Woke at 5:50 and opened the door to pouring rain. We decide to have breakfast and wait it out. By the time we were done it had stopped so we packed up and left Franklin. I made a wrong turn leaving town and we had to double back. Not far but it was a bad start. We found a bike trail (paved) right across from the bike shop we visited yesterday. It took us along the rivers edge for about 15 km when Mr. Google asked us to turn left. That meant that we had to carry our bikes up about 75 steps to a path that was on the railway bridge crossing over the lower one we were on. The builders of the steps had put a narrow ramp alongside the steps, I presume to make it easier to push bikes up to the upper path. I had gone up the steps just to be sure it was the correct way and I noticed that they were quite slippery with green slime. I mentioned it to Trevor. He seemed to have no problem pushing his bike up and I made it about half way when my foot slipped on the aforementioned slime and my knee went out :/ I let out a sound unbecoming of a grown man and Trevor was quick to come to my aid. I didn't fall but it was close and I felt weak and old. Once on the top level we were getting our stuff together when a jogger sprinted past us. We eventually caught up to him and he mentioned something about a fallen tree. We stopped to take a few pics later and he passed us again and again mentioned a tree that was blocking the path. Uh huh. Thanks. We pushed on and at about 20 km we came to the tree. It was massive and impossible to go over. We sussed out the "going around" possibilities and agreed that it could be done. Bikes first then bags. It was muddy, wet and I couldn't help thinking I would tweek my knee again. When we got all our stuff together on the other side we continued on. The path went for another 7 kms when it crossed HWY 322. Google suggested taking the bike path just down the road but it was gravel so we stayed on 322 for the remainder of the day. Bolze got his first flat of the day just past Clarion. We pulled over and started the change and a guy pulled up and asked if we needed any help. We said we were fine but he came over to chat. His name is Cecil Snyder and he used to own a bike shop and we had a good chat. We took lunch at Subway and shortly after Bolze had another flat on the front. Same spot as last time. We found a piece of wire in his tire and moved on. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state with green rolling hill and lush forests. Maybe a little too much rolling but very nice.Trevor got us a room at the Super 8 while I checked out a bike shop. I need new brake pads but Jim's Sport Store didn't have them. I could have bought a gun, canoe, or cross bow but no disc brake pads. I have been referred to a bike shop up the road. Cross my fingers as my brake pads are getting thin and we have a lot of hills left.


  • Frank Holdem: interesting navigational challenges today. Glad your knee is ok after the slip. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Sassalass: that tunnel is creepin' - posted over 5 years ago
  • Captain Nicholls: Mos def - posted over 5 years ago
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  Stairs, a fallen tree and the hills of Pennsylvania

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  • 6:56:14
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Today's Photos

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I kneed to be more careful on slippery steps. Note ramp to the right side of steps for ease of moving bikes up to second level.
14889189626 3e2ca4e45d m
Dark tunnel on bike path.
14889021306 d2d2aee766 m
Long dark tunnel
14912176945 669db9e7d0 m
Dark tunnel on bike path.
14909181151 d02ccf139a m
This tree was our second road block
14912242185 79f2012191 m
This tree was our second road block
14908891001 bbfe7c3526 m
14725215560 a2f29abd54 m
We met Cecil Snyder near Clarion.
14725258359 d5247bb0d8 m
Haven't seen one of these for awhile.
14911913395 843290e98d m
Haven't seen one of these for awhile.
14908872481 d24a3de3d0 m
We've seen lots of these businesses along the way. Also a good place to change a flat
14725277300 b7a70edb63 m
14725499810 a752640105 m
Clearfield decent.
14725462608 2e9a960db6 m
The beginning of a fantastic 8 km decent into Clearfield.