Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 44

August 16, 2014

Stroudsburg-New York

Last day of the trip. B and I purchased a few items at Perkins last night after and an amazing chicken pot pie dinner. I bought a banana nut muffin and chocolate milk and some honey nut Cheerios from the local gas station. we had our room breakfast at 6 and were ready to roll by 7. My leg felt better for the first 20 km but then the pain resurfaced. Not as bad but present. |I won;t go on as I did a pretty good job describing it yesterday ;) We took a break at a really neat bagel shop that appeared out of no where and we had sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. We did a lot of climbing today and several of the Google bike paths lead to gravel or grass or to closed paths. It kept things interesting as we would have to find an alternate route at the drop of a hat. W left Pennsylvania, entered New Jersey, left NJ and entered NY in one ride. The Google bike route also does not discriminate according to social class neighborhoods which meant that we have seen every level from ultra rich to extremely poor several times in one day. We found our way to the ferry which took us from NJ to NY and rode to Battery Park. Alison, Jackson, Jamie and Linda were waiting for us and I surprised myself by not being overly emotional. It must have been the last 4 days anticipating that moment. It was hard to believe it had actually happened. The first two weeks of the tour all I could think of was my knee, my stomach issues and my family. It seemed to take forever but now it's done it seems to have gone quickly, if that makes any sense at all. I am relieved it's over and I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment. I am so lucky to have a wife and family that let me fulfill this somewhat crazy dream and friends that wanted to do it with me.


  • SueR: Congratulations - what an awesome feat you two accomplished! I've enjoyed following your trip since meeting you in PA along with reading your adventure from the beginning. I too will miss your updates!! - posted over 5 years ago
  • TurboH: It's too bad that there isn't some sort of 'Esher' bikepath to the top of the Empire State Building. I'm sure you two guys would have been up to the challenge. Now, back to 'civilian life'. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Tim Tams: Well done Jim. Followed you each day from the other side of the pond. Put your feet up and enjoy the time with your family. - posted over 5 years ago
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Today's Photos

14755170538 2d3eac6b8e m
Bike path over a river.
14941789045 a47267cf49 m
Said river.
14755242157 1b6883a620 m
A " bike path" google thought we would like to ride.
14918809006 0dabd0a220 m
My favorite beverage and me :)
14938721561 f0b801b70a m
The delicious sausage, egg and cheese.
14938726201 5a6237bd9c m
Another "path" google thought might be safer than a roadway :/
14941812505 a525ac56f5 m
A wonderful rest place 30 km out of NY
14938734041 e697c7f7c9 m
A wonderful rest place 30 km out of NY
14755141949 da3c4e8a47 m
Realtor/Lawyer pose at Battery Park.
14918832796 ac0db6c26e m
This guy wanted to be in the picture so.... He is :)
14755153729 80ea527378 m
What I had missed so much.
14941827325 095b6770c5 m
Take two
14755163170 c09dca97c2 m
What I had missed so much.