Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 9

July 12, 2014


Very hot day. Lots of breaks and Jim had his first flat. we met a number of other riders today including a couple from Amsterdam who are on a 10 week cycling trip. we ran into them again in Okanogan WA. and then again in Tonasket. I was so looking forward to seeing the girls and Alison today that I rode ahead a bit toward the end of the ride. We stayed in a "dive" style motel complete with western wall art and questionable clientele. It was nice to see Trevor and Linda. The drive down in the van was long and hot and there was no AC. Trevor has successfully changed a flat and he is very happy with himself. I had my worst meal to date tonight which was roast beef mashed potatoes and gravy swimming in a ocean of chocolate colored gravy. So much so, I couldn't tell there was bread on the plate as well until I cut into the beef. Oh well. Not my last meal. back to the motel and then we went to the grocery store as we need some breakfast for the morning. we all retired to out own rooms for the night. Trevor and Linda in theirs and Jim and Francois next to us. we watched a few movies including Stand By Me. Stayed up late talking with 7 AM firmly in mind.


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