Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 12

July 15, 2014

Colville to Sandpoint



  • Sassalass: That ice cream shot is kinda creepy, but kinda funny, but mostly creepy...and funny. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: Dan, the heat is indeed a challenge but yes, we are having a blast so far :-) - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: What's creepy about four guys with ice cream? :-) - posted over 5 years ago
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  Coleville to Sandpoint

  • 154.6km
  • 6:32:15
    Moving Time
  • 1659.9m

Today's Photos

14479039088 002a1526fb m
14685569203 26af56e8d0 m
getting ready to roll
14662461281 684eb4d899 m
breakfast at Zip's
14662464491 5b3729c196 m
14665684415 5ca1c14507 m
14665689755 247f964c0c m
Amy, a cycling enthusiast we met in Chewelah
14479060798 79221f5dff m
14685591253 c4e02677d6 m
14665701895 443244c7e9 m
14479024100 eece77f319 m
14662498311 40944b144a m
Flowery Trail Summit
14665359722 04e8f11007 m
14479044360 d91a49e760 m
14685544043 356bdcb236 m
Healthy amount of bacon on this BLT
14479016988 3866979399 m
stopping for lunch on Hwy 20 after coming down Flowery Trail
14663450104 3111be0697 m
it is hot!!
14665370042 e98bcc60a8 m
14662517631 5368608fd9 m
14479278517 e35218e5af m
cooling off
14479106888 e134772038 m
very large gun
14665377972 2803f322d0 m
arriving in Sandpoint
14643376676 9683d58c75 m
I was extra hungry after today's ride.