Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 14

July 17, 2014

Libby to Eureka

Some notes from today:

  • rode along highway 37 which follows the Kootenai River and the Koocanusa Lake. It is a beautiful road with very little traffic and stunning views. Lots of rolling hills so the climbing does add up.
  • we reached the Libby dam a little over an hour after leaving Libby and several other cyclists showed up shortly thereafter. One couple was coming from the other direction and had been on the road since January when they started their tour in Key West. One fellow was a local from Libby who was just out for a day ride. Two riders were raising awareness for strokes (see spokes for strokes )
  • about 12 KM after the libby dam we stopped at a marina on Lake Koocanusa where we enjoyed some lunch.
  • we arrived in Eureka at 3:20pm
  • sadly today is Jim's last day with us. As planned, he will be heading north tomorrow to hook up with his brother who will drive him back to Vancouver.

Our plan for tomorrow is to ride to Whitefish, about 83 KM away. Should be a short, easy day.


  • Diane St-Jean: re DSC5245 Looks like one part is detaching from the top... - posted over 5 years ago
  • Diane St-Jean: West Kelowna (Glenrosa) has a fire since about 1:30Pm this afternoon and has 600 houses evacuated. It's the wind that is a concern as the weather is changing, we should be around 29C tomorrow. It's still so hazy, we cant see the lakes, its thick soup right now. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Sassalass: Love the bridge - posted over 5 years ago
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  Libby to Eureka

  • 111.7km
  • 4:40:29
    Moving Time
  • 1783.0m

Today's Photos

14493329980 155b338232 m
early morning at our hotel
14699898403 4a4905dd95 m
many moths on grocery store wall
14493372069 84f952d691 m
Kootenai River
14493560817 c7f543ab90 m
cycling along Kootenai River
14676835941 75bf3cff6b m
Libby dam
14677684654 fc7836fd78 m
Libby dam
14677695614 3475e65131 m
Libby dam
14676864681 b018a2e161 m
meeting other cyclists at Libby dam
14677710774 a5e3814bcb m
marina on Lake Koocanusa
14493689807 7a9ca65100 m
lunch stop at marina on Lake Koocanusa
14680159345 dd5e718c13 m
14657627466 84009b97b0 m
14700533033 6765055310 m
14678347724 6528ddebf9 m
14678388884 24b98138a4 m
14657755646 10023ce0cf m
14494119980 7a46b07baa m
14494155029 0565203bbe m
14700729573 cb28cc8265 m
The Koocanusa Bridge -- the longest bridge in Montana
14678568944 a7f6705026 m
14680631712 b6449a1da9 m
about 5 KM before Eureka
14686223895 f528637ef1 m
Harold giving us a citation for hanging our laundry :-)
14679968695 3a6f42278d m
Our fine motel for tonight
14679659332 cdaf581ebd m
Sky very hazy within last hour, likely from forest fires.