Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 17

July 20, 2014

Browning to Chester

Notes from today:

  • up at 6:15am, had above average continental breakfast at hotel
  • on the road by 7:30
  • we had a nice strong tail wind.
  • rode 55 KM to Cut Bank in 1 hour 40 minutes before taking a break at McDonalds.
  • rode next 40 KM to Shelbi in an hour where we enjoyed a lunch break
  • rode another 40 KM and took a short break at the side of the road so Carl could replace his slow-leaking tube
  • last 28 KM to Chester took less then 45 minutes
  • after many days in the mountains it is quite nice to ride fast on flat roads.
  • the scenery was lovely. Vast open fields that seem to go on forever with large mountains in the distance.
  • while walking back to our hotel room after dinner we heard a cat crying quite loudly. We investigated and saw a tiny white kitten up in a tree. James reached up and rescued the cute little kitty and when he put it down on the ground the kitten started following us back to our hotel. We purchased a can of tuna inside the hotel store and we laid it down near where we found the cat. The kitten seemed quite pleased.


  • Scully McBain: Sounds like Greenie didn't help with that poor little cat. Well….there goes his Vernon KOMs! - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: Greeny provided some moral support and showed genuine concern about the kitten. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: Greenie has a soft spot for cats. Maybe just take half Vernon KOMs - posted over 5 years ago
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  Browning to Chester

  • 162.8km
  • 4:40:07
    Moving Time
  • 364.8m

Today's Photos

14516555797 69576f6b52 m
stray dogs in Browning
14703009085 fdde8a28bb m
shortly after starting out for the day.
14703019875 8d5b811c0f m
14703023365 fed8e832ae m
14516360738 542d88ed28 m
14722896353 69748ba97a m
14680016186 aa3d7daa45 m
Trevor and his new bike jersey
14699915855 029d1d7f8c m
Early morning at our motel. Nice sunny day.
14703039995 2faab9efb2 m
nice big shoulder to ride on
14516603007 99e06b3bca m
lunch in Shelby
14702756392 f53d12554e m
14722925973 00776b82e6 m
flat roads
14700662474 6f73dafa7e m
Carl fixing flat tire.
14702776262 ba2cf212b5 m
Carl fixing flat tire
14690514926 dd3edc4335 m
James loves his pancakes
14713198552 bd4a6e0869 m
14699896991 ea7ac21720 m
needs some work
14699901951 cb12872b4a m
14722953733 1ca7e4c9c8 m
rural Montana
14680074626 d92f01d6f8 m
Hello Chester, Montana!
14694094626 e530863c55 m
14526777269 5283bf519f m
14711050224 b7c613dd8c m
Broasted chicken at the Grand in Chester
14526944078 7f7c9ebd4b m
14517130948 a08bc6a927 m
James rescued this kitten from a tree.
14517244978 d67e2d09ec m
The kitten started following us everywhere.
14723727463 9e046beba1 m
We purchased some food for the kitten and put it near where we found it.