Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 18

July 21, 2014

Chester to Havre

Notes from today:

  • we woke up around 6am to rain so we decided to wait it out to see if things would improve
  • at 7am we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Spud's Cafe. Good prices, delicious food, generous portions.
  • after getting back to the room I noticed that my back tire was flat so I replaced the tube.
  • went back to Spud's Cafe at 11am for an early lunch. Once again, delicious.
  • by noon the rain had stopped and the skies were looking promising so we decided to push on.
  • Carl got a flat 31 KM into our ride.
  • at approximately the 60 KM mark my rear tire went flat. Carl was too far ahead so he wasn't able to stop but James and Trevor waited with me while I performed repairs. The puncture was in the same spot as the flat I repaired earlier in the day in the hotel room. James and I suspected that it was from a slightly rough part of the tire boot that was put into the tire on the spot where the nail went in a couple days ago. I removed the tire boot as it really didn't seem necessary and I put in a new tube. Less than 10 KM later my rear tire was flat again. The puncture was, once again, in the same spot. James and I looked very carefully for anything embedded in the tire that could cause a puncture but couldn't find anything conclusive. It actually looked like the glue from the tire boot had caused part of the tube to melt. We asked Trevor to push on to Havre to secure a hotel room. Before continuing on, Trevor gave us the spare foldable tire that he brought along for just such emergencies. While I installed the new tire, James continued to look at my original tire for the cause of the flat but was unable to identify it for certain. After completing the repairs, James and I completed the last 30 KM to Havre in less than an hour and we met up with Trevor at the Super 8 motel.
  • I later learned that while I was fixing my 2nd flat, Carl, who was ahead a few kilometres, got his 2nd flat.
  • after showering we ate dinner at a Chinese buffet across the street from the hotel. It was actually pretty good for a buffet. Then again, all food tastes amazing when you are hungry.
  • there's a bike shop here in town and we're going to visit it tomorrow morning so that Trevor can get his gears adjusted and so that Carl can purchase a new rear tire. I might also purchase a new rear tire.
  • today's scenery was much like yesterday's: mostly flat fields, almost featureless, except for the occasional grain elevator and passing train. We can also see a distant mountain range slightly to our right.

Tomorrow's plan will depend on the weather. There is a risk of thunderstorms tomorrow and it also looks like we'll have a headwind. So we will assess our situation in the morning.


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  Chester to Havre

  • 93.9km
  • 3:00:44
    Moving Time
  • 275.3m

Today's Photos

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stay in formation
14713526135 d579f4b0d7 m
place where Carl got his first flat
14713245732 b8eef8a616 m
14711153494 9f807bb8f0 m
endless fields of Montana
14733409983 b01c0aa540 m
fixing flat #2 of the day
14713263682 87f4643f3f m
endless wheat fields
14526909928 93c6e6eb3c m
fixing flat #3 of the day. Looks like same spot as flat #2 but it isn't.
14526786647 e0b935482a m
Coffee and bibles.
14710856904 f05b3f1922 m
14717081305 d733d554b2 m
Our awesome hotel for tonight.
14527142897 48dc495082 m
James' new shirt and shorts. Total cost: $10. The look: priceless.
14713223412 fd6e733154 m
A little tv time in the room.