Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 19

July 22, 2014

Havre to Malta

Notes from today:

  • we showed up at Havre Bicycle Shop at 9am to have Trevor's gears adjusted and so that Carl could purchase a new rear tire.
  • before leaving Havre we also made a quick stop at the IGA to pick up some snacks for the day. We finally left town at around 10:15am.
  • had to ride through about 5 KM of road construction which wasn't fun. Both sides of the road were torn up, full of rocks and some mud. The icing on the cake was when cars would drive by, causing mud to get sprayed on us.
  • about 38 KM into our ride we stopped in Chinook for lunch
  • a few minutes after decamping from Chinook, Carl got a flat tire. He was pretty quick to fix it and we were on our way again.
  • progress was relatively slow today because we had a nasty headwind. At least the thunderstorms that were in the forecast did not materialize.
  • we stopped at a gas station in Harlem, 34 KM past Chinook, for another rest break.
  • our last rest break of the day was at a convenience store in Dodson where I discovered the most fowl-smelling bathroom I have ever encountered in my life. I would really like to un-smell that but unfortunately I fear the stench will remain burned into my memory for a long time. Truly horrifying!
  • we arrived in Malta shortly after 6pm. We checked out 2 other motels before finally choosing the Sportsman Motel. The first motel we checked out did not have enough room to fit our bikes while the 2nd motel we checked out did not want us to bring the bikes into our room.
  • dinner was had at the steakhouse at the Great Northern Hotel. Took a while before we got our food, but it was quite tasty.


  • Sassalass: That smell sounds horrifying - posted over 5 years ago
  • Carl Greenwood: Wasn't it neat that there was a Scully hill segment way out here! - posted over 5 years ago
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  Havre to Malta

  • 145.8km
  • 5:58:18
    Moving Time
  • 140.1m

Today's Photos

14698582716 d271b50b5c m
we need some repairs and a new tire.
14721593225 17b7021908 m
14534947368 81522031ac m
that's a nice bison
14718436301 668c231544 m
14534971009 533932a0ec m
Carl just finished putting on a new tire.
14698628226 9151c661ef m
cycling through the road construction
14718459511 15d991ea69 m
Carl fixing a flat
14721345882 469fc8a9d9 m
14698650536 11517937fc m
grey skies today
14719267144 69ecf191e0 m
old church out in the middle of nowhere
14535216667 9a59b70648 m
rest stop in Dodson
14535025619 6e867e8cc4 m
14542028559 eeb0452305 m
our motel in Malta