Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 20

July 23, 2014

Malta to Glasgow

Notes from today:

  • up at 6am, went for breakfast at the Great Northern (same place we had dinner last night).
  • when returning from breakfast we noticed the wind was blowing once again in the wrong direction.
  • James got a flat on his front tire 25 KM into the ride.
  • 40 KM into the ride we stopped for our 2nd breakfast in a little town called Saco. We chatted with some locals there to gather some intelligence regarding the availability of services on the route ahead.
  • we stopped again about 25 KM later at a convenience store and ran into one of the guys we had chatted with back in Saco.
  • it was a tough day in the saddle today due to the headwind, which was significantly stronger than yesterdays. We took turns breaking the wind which was helpful but progress was still painfully slow. We could barely maintain 18 KM at times.
  • we arrived in Glasgow around 3:30pm and the first couple of motels we checked out were all full. Fortunately we found a room at the Cottonwood Inn which is quite nice.

Headwind days are pretty much a cyclist's worst enemy. When you are faced with a big hill, you know you will eventually reach the top and enjoy a nice fast descent. But with a headwind, you fight constantly and your progress is slow. So it can be very demoralizing. To stay positive I tried to focus on the fact that it wasn't raining and the fact that I'm on a cycling holiday.


  • Diane St-Jean: I was just checking the weather in Glasgow when M told me you had arrived y - posted over 5 years ago
  • Diane St-Jean: it's quite hot where u are. Thunderstorm in your forecast this evening. We are getting one right now - posted over 5 years ago
  • Diane St-Jean: Not sure how bad it will be but it sure is dark right now. - posted over 5 years ago
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  Malta to Glasgow

  • 114.0km
  • 5:19:21
    Moving Time
  • 270.8m

Today's Photos

14726303594 32d67d8d60 m
Early morning in Malta
14728646365 6104ceee2e m
road that goes on forever
14542007838 06a444040c m
Lake Bowdoin
14541983290 f35d11b24b m
14542011339 492353f704 m
James fixing his first flat of the trip
14725473471 e5bcf7e2db m
rest stop in Saco for our 2nd breakfast
14748518743 1ca2e659a5 m
standard Montana scenery
14542015479 5eb41dc062 m
14728660195 e83abbec4c m
James having a rest in the middle of nowhere
14543330407 5b540ce2c8 m
7pm and someone's already out for the night.