Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 22

July 25, 2014

Wolf Point to Beach

Notes from today:

  • woke up at 6 and started the day with the continental breakfast at the hotel
  • left town around 8:15 and headed south on the 25 which then hooked up with the 13.
  • the wind was blowing from the west today which was mostly a cross wind for us this morning. Highway 13 was a nice panoply of gentle rolling hills.
  • we stopped at the Round Town Tavern for lunch and a cold beer.
  • from Circle we followed highway 200s which travels in a south east direction which meant we now had a cross wind with a very nice tail wind component. This allowed us to achieve some pretty impressive speeds.
  • about 40 KM after Circle we made a stop at a gas station in Lindsay where we enjoyed some ice tea in a giant can (this has become one of our favourite beverages on this trip)
  • the last 40 or so KM to Glendive, our intended destination for the day, went by in less than an hour due to the tail wind.
  • since the tail wind was in our favour we decided not to stay in Glendive, but to push forward another 65 KM to Beach, North Dakota.
  • within 20-ish KM of leaving Glendive, Carl got a flat.
  • about 20 KM later, I got a flat and while fixing it I noticed that the part of my rack that attaches to the rear brakes had actually broken off. I fixed the flat and, using zap straps, I McGyvered the rack to a usable state. I will need to get the rack fixed or replaced in the next big town we pass through (likely Bismarck)
  • we arrived in Beach, which is just past the "Welcome to North Dakota" sign, at around 8pm. It was a long day in the saddle and we're all fairly tired. Sleep will come easy tonight.


  • Diane St-Jean: Sorry,not Williston but could it be Glendive? Long haul if so....hoping it's not a "dive" - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: With the wind at our backs we decided to go further than originally planned. - posted over 5 years ago
  • patrick: What a machine!! - posted over 5 years ago
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  Wolf Point to Beach

  • 226.8km
  • 8:10:59
    Moving Time
  • 1531.7m

Today's Photos

14559429997 e6519f9909 m
somehow we generated all this garbage yesterday
14559243738 4387b3f0a8 m
another nice sunny day
14765761003 6b76d07c29 m
14743549284 eb73e6f188 m
Carl's first flat of the day, just a few minutes after getting started for the day
14745625202 0882aa4ea8 m
old plane taking off
14745630602 6b994662c9 m
old bridge
14559250890 2a17e6752f m
14559477067 18aba7539b m
lots of wheat in Montana
14742770061 354e954252 m
14743590194 1e1631e108 m
14743595504 593a562959 m
14742786181 25de535c4d m
14559328059 42e146e029 m
lots of rolling hills on the menu today
14559336889 30683b767b m
little town of Vida
14742805901 96dee59e36 m
the cars are a little different here in Montana
14556791460 995b25c27f m
Lunch in Circle, MT
14720781636 38f52fa24d m
Lunch spot in Circle
14559310390 7165dee326 m
riding on I94
14559358239 4d389cd378 m
the terrain is changing as we approach North Dakota
14743644184 839f1a6ca8 m
14723258876 cbeb402306 m
Carl's 2nd flat of the day, about 40 KM from Beach
14745973332 606699a4b7 m
Fixing my flat and discovering that my rack has broken
14743091431 959a53b103 m
Goodbye Montana, hello North Dakota