Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 24

July 27, 2014

Dickinson to Mandan

  • enjoyed a well-above-average conti breakfast at the Oasis Motel and we managed to hit the road by 7:30am
  • the winds today were mostly from the north, so not helpful, but they were relatively light.
  • we travelled along the scenic byway that parallels I94 which was a very nice, quiet road, much of which had been recently re-paved.
  • shortly after getting started the clouds rolled in and stayed with us the remainder of the day. I was a bit worried about rain but it never materialized.
  • at the 80 KM mark we stopped for lunch in Glen Ullin but since it was Sunday the local cafe was not open. So we purchased some food from the Supervalue instead. Trevor, James and I had sandwiches, while Carl had chicken and 5 bananas.
  • at the 90 KM mark we ran into an unpaved segment of the highway and while riding this gravel road I hit a patch of deep, loose gravel and fell. I was going relatively slow so it wasn't too bad of a crash. My knee and arm lost of bit of skin, otherwise, all is well. James' tire also fell victim to the gravel. After fixing the flat, we walked the remainder of the way along the gravel road until we reached the entrance to the I94.
  • we continued along I94 for about 10 KM before pulling into a rest area for a bathroom break. While there we looked over some of the maps on the wall and learned that the gravel section of the scenic byway would end in about 6 more kilometres. The rest of the scenic byway was all paved very nicely and took us right into Mandan.

Our plan for tomorrow is to cycle 180 KM to Jamestown.


  • Sassalass: maybe you should not be taking photos while you are riding...hmmm? ;) - posted over 5 years ago
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  Dickinson to Mandan

  • 160.8km
  • 6:28:13
    Moving Time
  • 610.2m

Today's Photos

14575373127 ee66d28724 m
early morning at our motel
14738828116 5d6955bbc0 m
the clouds rolled in
14761825835 bb633113b1 m
a few minutes after leaving Dickinson
14575185889 03bb44546a m
scenic byway just north of I94
14575197788 3c90596212 m
Taylor, ND
14781700473 5d1fa4453a m
Old gas station in Taylor, ND
14761832435 cee04a87d2 m
Taylor, North Dakota
14761513002 6da6429a60 m
Much of today's ride was along fresh blacktop on quiet country roads
14758666721 b6e93f12f2 m
James making his Supervalue lunch
14575388457 f1ca4deec0 m
Carl eating 5 bananas
14575390187 cd34d33f48 m
riding on an unpaved segment of road. I fell a few minutes after taking this photo.
14575210148 64beca73b0 m
dead rattlesnake
14761523002 a158f115df m
James fixing a flat tire on the gravel road
14781716183 3857cab48d m
tractor on ridge
14782140123 08d195b150 m
a few minor scrapes on my leg from today's fall on the gravel road.
14759104241 b3989a3853 m
North Country Inn, Mandan. Great motel and reasonably priced.
14739273836 a723d9f2f0 m
Trevor & James showing off their dinner in our palatial room.