Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 25

July 28, 2014

Mandan to Jamestown

Notes from today:

  • up at 7am for a very basic continental breakfast of oatmeal and toast
  • it was a nice sunny day, not too hot, with a light wind from the north.
  • after breakfast James noticed that his back tire was flat so he quickly replaced the tube.
  • using google directions we managed to navigate through Bismarck to get back on old highway 10
  • we stopped for a tasty bacon cheeseburger lunch in Driscoll in a recently opened restaurant.
  • highway 10 eventually turned to gravel near a town named Steele so we went back to the I94. We could have also gone about 20 KM north to find another quiet road but we opted for the shorter option. The shoulder on I94 is nice and wide but the rumble strips can be frustrating. The highway has multiple types of rumble strips and some of them actually span the entire width of the shoulder. One of the photos below shows an example.
  • Carl got a flat tire a few KM after we got onto I94 but he fixed it very quickly -- he's getting very good at it.
  • can't believe the amount of road kill: skunks, various birds, coyotes, raccoons.
  • we arrived in Jamestown before 6pm and checked into the Gladstone Inn & Suites which seems quite nice. We had dinner here at the hotel (another bacon cheeseburger along with soup and mashed potatoes).
  • with the long days on the bike it is becoming a challenge to take in enough calories and as a result we're all losing weight.

Tomorrow we're hoping to make it to Fargo where we'll stay away from wood chippers.


  • Sassalass: Love the sign - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: Yes, best sign ever. - posted over 5 years ago
  • Old Man Jenkins: Well. If you're losing weight, you may want to eat slightly more - posted over 5 years ago
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  Mandan to Jamestown

  • 175.0km
  • 6:47:44
    Moving Time
  • 737.0m

Today's Photos

14768598391 1af0d2daf9 m
crossing bridge over the Missouri river into Bismarck
14771774255 f260c3b122 m
14585301307 f7eb8f7b76 m
nice sunflowers along this road
14585070540 b6c7482705 m
fixer upper
14585073350 5eee712b30 m
Carl's cycling shoes are starting to fail
14769423784 844b741da2 m
riding along old highway 10. Very nice!
14771452782 70057737cb m
giant bird near Steele
14771455082 4729c2566a m
Carl's flat-of-the-day
14771456892 d63c78736a m
wise words!
14748784106 472244de68 m
rumble strips that span the entire width of the shoulder. Obviously designed by someone who hasn't heard of bicycles.
14772300455 b4c55d3f53 m
Even eating like this I'm losing weight.