Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 26

July 29, 2014

Jamestown to Fargo

  • up at 7am this morning, ate delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel
  • we were a little slow getting ready so we didn't make it out on the road until 9am
  • with a slight tail wind at our backs we managed to ride about 80 KM before we stopped for lunch in Tower City. We ate at a cafe that was attached to gas station. Interestingly enough there was also a bakery inside which made delicious looking pies (James enjoyed a slice).
  • we rode along I94 today because staying on quiet country roads would have required an additional 40 KM of riding. Traffic isn't too bad on the I94 and the shoulder is still nice and wide though the rumble strips continue to be suspect at times.
  • about 50 KM from Fargo I crashed. I was drafting behind Trevor and we were moving along quite fast. Trevor was in the zone and unfortunately he didn't notice a road construction sign. He veered away from it at the last second, at which point I was able to see it, but it was too late. I tried to veer away from it but I wasn't able to clear it. My arm and shoulder struck the sign, and I crashed hard onto the concrete shoulder. Both my panniers bags flew off my bike. While lying on the ground I did a quick assessment. Nothing was broken. My elbow was bloodied, and my right forearm was sore. I got up, and then noticed that my right inner forearm was swelling up. There wasn't any blood on my right forearm but it was red and very swollen and the site of it gave me some concern. James phoned a nearby town to ask if they had any sort of medical services but unfortunately they informed us that the closest medical services would be in Fargo. I could feel my body going into shock so I sat down on the side of the road until it passed. After that I felt I could continue to ride, so I put my panniers back on my bike. One of the clips on one of my panniers had broken off so I had to secure it with a zapstrap. We continued on. Cycling was ok except that my forearm would hurt every time we rode over a bump. When drafting behind another rider you do rely on that front rider to navigate you away from danger, however, you have to accept that mistakes can happen and that is what happened today. In retrospect I now feel that drafting is completely unnecessary on a trip like this. It isn't a race and the added risk is not warranted. So I won't be doing any drafting for the rest of this trip.
  • we arrived in Fargo around 4:30pm. Carl arrived a little earlier and found us a motel near West Acres mall. After showering I went to the walk-in clinic at the mall to have my forearm looked at. After inspecting my forearm, the doctor expressed concern that I could have cellulitis and gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. She also cleaned up my elbow wound and applied a dressing.
  • we had dinner and beers at Granite City Food & Brewery which was very nice. All our meals were good and the pitchers of beer were only $7.50

Tomorrow will be our first day off since we entered the USA. Carl is going to figure out how to get back home as he isn't able to stay with us until New York. James and I will be looking for a bike shop. James needs some tubes and I need to see if I can get replacement clips for my pannier.


  • Sassalass: Hope your doin' really super there down in Fargo - posted over 5 years ago
  • Sassalass: Your wound looks horrible but your burger looks amaze-balls. I'm glad the injuries weren't more serious. - posted over 5 years ago
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  07/29/2014 Jamestown, ND

  • 150.5km
  • 5:17:47
    Moving Time
  • 253.2m

Today's Photos

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early morning at the motel
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James is in his town
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James fixing another overnight flat
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fixing my flat
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truck carrying wing for a windmill
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makes sense
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Fargo, we have arrived!
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sometimes you have to be creative to fit 4 bikes in a room
14782146345 b86ce9f1a2 m
my elbow after today's crash
14759153156 a40cce2fa4 m
my right forearm. Red and swollen.
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dinner at Granite Food & Brewery
14782144255 299843691b m
my delicious bacon cheeseburger dinner
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Trevor in the bushes. Nature calls.