Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 27

July 30, 2014

Rest day in Fargo

Today was a wonderful day of rest in Fargo. We started off with the continental breakfast at the hotel before cycling to the downtown area to visit The Great Northern Cycle Co so that James could buy some new tubes and so that I could have a bit of work performed on my bike. We then walked around downtown Fargo and relaxed for a while at Atomic Coffee where I had a most-delicious piece of cheesecake. Afterwards we found a barber shop and James got a haircut. We topped it off with lunch at The Wurst Bier Hall where I had a sausage in a bun, bahn mi style (see photo below) along with a Spaten Optimator beer. Delicious!

After lunch we picked up my bike. The folks at Great Northern did a great job: they replaced my chain, cleaned up my rear cassette, adjusted my gears, MacGyvered-up a fix for my broken pannier clip, and replaced the rim tape on my rear wheel. We rode back to the hotel and Carl made a stop at the hardware store to get some shoe glue since his cycling shoes are falling apart. I tried, unsuccessfully, to acquire some new glasses since I forgot them in a room a few nights ago.

For dinner we went to the local Olive Garden which provided us with huge quantities of delicious food at an incredibly reasonable price. Not sure how they make any money.


  • Frank Holdem: no, it was a pre-lunch snack :-) - posted over 5 years ago
  • JohnnyPoker: Hey Franky I've been checking in almost every day. Looks like you're almost halfway there! - posted over 5 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: Hey Johnny! Thx for checking in. You are right that this is the half way point. - posted over 5 years ago
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Today's Photos

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The Great Northern Bicycle Co.
14795859505 81d4418f69 m
just outside the Great Norther Bicycle Co.
14609162890 927c749343 m
downtown Fargo. Very cool theatre built in 1926 and fully restored.
14764235016 429cf4a745 m
Cheesecake in Fargo. Mmmm
14600961688 40806d5357 m
James getting a cut and a massage. And yes he is naked under that white sheet.
14601181269 743febfec7 m
Lunch at Wurst Bier Hall. Sooo good.
14807784533 054577dd25 m
Wurst Bier Hall