Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 3

July 6, 2014

Rest day in Merritt

We're going to hang out in Merritt today to wait out the rain and to give James' knee a bit of rest. Weather looks clear again for tomorrow.


  • Frank Holdem: Where do I know you from mr Jenkins? Are you the drunk guy I met at the pub last weekend? - posted almost 6 years ago
  • Old Man Jenkins: ...I'm going to assume you're joking. - posted almost 6 years ago
  • Sailor moon: I approve too!!! - posted almost 6 years ago
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Today's Photos

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Mountain man breakfast at Home Restaurant.
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Relaxing day off
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What do you think, mr Jenkins? It's a Cubano!
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A trip calendar that my daughter made for me