Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 4

July 7, 2014

Merritt to Hope

Today's ride was just about perfect. Sunny weather, lovely mountains, and a slight tailwind for most of the day. James' knee appears to be getting better but to be safe, we continued to keep a reasonable pace to ensure that it isn't overworked.

Our plan tomorrow is to ride to Coquitlam to meet up with our friend Jim who will join us on the trip for a couple of weeks.


  • Old Man Jenkins: Going for a swim? - posted almost 6 years ago
  • Sassalass: ya, did you dip your feet at least - posted almost 6 years ago
  • Frank Holdem: no, didn't do any feet dipping. I thought about it though :-) - posted almost 6 years ago
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  Merritt to Hope

  • 119.7km
  • 4:35:20
    Moving Time
  • 1557.6m

Today's Photos

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Walking back from breakfast. Nice sunny day.
14577177986 e001280e8e m
leaving Merritt on Coldwater Rd
14577168906 50f2be1dd2 m
14413581259 96cd792dd8 m
14599517102 300513a02e m
14599505592 cb8d9d363b m
14598037714 690e812fe8 m
14576952856 21431ac604 m
14620033493 631ab7443f m
14597799405 9ac71ef386 m
Coldwater River
14411208748 57b1a281e7 m
Behold the lovely river
14597185702 2c24db6f3b m
Perfect spot for our first break of the day. About 35km outside Merritt.
14413534607 46861b833c m
14620010203 01e308097f m
passing a tractor going uphill
14599927925 c19e23ef71 m
14596596301 85f8706a98 m
14413502537 ce9549b92b m
14413300698 beb4c9658c m
14619967323 644d860eda m
14413295149 2ee6dd25b0 m
14413257188 fb4b584ec6 m
14413247008 ffb5cd2900 m
14596430621 869257c803 m
Coquihalla hwy
14413265099 cd95decd3d m
i love to see this
14413254399 016ae99f5a m
14596535971 7c2832f0ca m
14413310877 91054ae585 m
Food truck in the mountains
14599727705 7dace1b189 m
14619805433 6869dbe412 m
Delicious BLT at Zopkios brake check near Coquihalla summit
14413394317 a8ee104720 m
getting close to Hope
14413596678 ae3c1ba0a2 m
14600772685 6de9670c5c m
Instructions on hand dryer at pub where we had dinner.
14414499967 ff3678d9ca m
The Coquihalla Motel. Reasonably priced and decent rooms.