Le Half-Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 5

July 8, 2014

Hope to Coquitlam



  • Diane St-Jean: yes, coconut water is good for you. The Gatorade contains brominated vegetable oil derived from soybean (likely GMO soybeans) and sucralose which kills the good gut bacterias. So yes, coconut water is my favourite :) thanks for the photo! - posted almost 6 years ago
  • Old Man Jenkins: Mah boi, good coconut water is what all good bikers strive for. - posted almost 6 years ago
  • Sassalass: Dinner looked delicious - posted over 5 years ago
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  Hope to Coquitlam

  • 136.7km
  • 5:44:22
    Moving Time
  • 856.0m

Today's Photos

14607925874 3aacd6b9cc m
stopping at grocery store for supplies
14423337600 6e72afa805 m
Lovely mountains around Hope
14419015627 90c025c7be m
Packed and ready to start the day.
14586971816 dbf98101ae m
14423587337 507ca582d2 m
crossing over Fraser River near Hope
14609447262 f3abb645d9 m
14609454752 355107b428 m
Oh oh, I see a big hill coming up
14607961684 4d717d6653 m
Yup, definitely a big hill coming up
14604464854 a0b661bb57 m
Harrison River. Beautiful
14604471924 da15bd9c62 m
Nice day to fish
14604484414 e6348b9f38 m
Taking a break along Harrison River. 50km down, 90km to go.
14419868660 e3a8c117d2 m
Two aunts carrying a bumble bee
14587002406 fb2128bdda m
strong wind blowing in wrong direction
14606309132 dd40c8ceef m
Following mom's advice to drink coconut water instead of Gatorade.
14604199221 0af51bca58 m
320 calories. Should be enough for at least 30 more km.
14627493553 2dda773e38 m
Lunch break at timmmies
14585152856 b01c5a43f9 m
Resting at Bruce's Market , an old favourite of mine.
14421560258 f92ef64e54 m
14423376990 38c9a10cf5 m
14607975574 bbec396825 m
14610025025 64874a7653 m
James making his riding face
14607984284 80197b206c m
crossing Pitt River bridge
14423393340 d26e0f6c88 m
14423430908 2879e0a76c m
14606803921 ccb92ec873 m
14423471309 92e81b6100 m
14423791599 33e61359ae m
Delicious lasagna dinner! Thanks Olivia!