Le Tour de U.S. 2014 | Day 12

July 24, 2014


Another day in the headwind. Gotta get over it though. We have no day less than 163 km planned for the next week. W a little luck w the wind, we ll be in Minneapolis in a week. Wolfpoint is a small town on a reserve. Not very inviting, kinda depressing. In the middle of no where w not much to do but watching the wheat fields. Talked to some nice farmers today while having a milkshake. Loads of nicies on the trip. They're probably just happy to have something happen as I'm sure the days fold into each other like a rack of stale donuts at the albertsons grocery.


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  Wolfpoint small shoulder

  • 78.7km
  • 3:28:03
    Moving Time
  • 137.2m